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Maria Maloney for Mouthfeel Press
March 10, 2014 04:28 PM PDT
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Ben & Daniel talk with Maria Maloney, founder of Mouthfeel Press. Maria talks about what drove her to create the press and why she came up with the name "Mouthfeel." Maria also talks about the friendships she creates with the authors whose works she publishes, and about the future projects we can expect from Mouthfeel Press.
For this week's Poem of the Week, Maria Maloney reads from collection "Pulp" by Celina Villagarcia, which is published by Mouthfeel Press. The poem is "A Mother's Effect on the World."
In this week's Poetic License, Los Angeles writer Conrad Romo talks about connecting with his dad over a Lenten meal of nopalitos.

W.S. Di Piero
March 05, 2014 08:17 AM PST
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Ben & Daniel talk with W.S. Di Piero, author of the poetry collection "Tombo." Di Piero talks about the patterns of sound that stir his poetry. He also discusses the opening poem of "Tombo," and why he chose to open the collection with it. Unlike many other poets, Di Piero doesn't concern himself over the order of the poems in a collection, unless they are following a theme.

For this week's Poem of the Week, W.S. Di Piero reads "Hub Cap: An Essay on Poetry" from his collection "Tombo."

In this week's Poetic License, Benjamin Alire Saenz reflects on forgiveness, humility, and human rights.

And, Ben & Daniel talk about their favorite and not-so-favorite words.

Talking About Poetry
February 25, 2014 09:06 AM PST
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Daniel & Ben dedicate this show to some of their favorite poems & poets. Featured works are Frank O'Hara's "Homosexuality," Gabriela Mistral's "God Wills It," Denise Levertov's "Caedmon," Anne Sexton's "The Truth the Dead Know," Karen Fiser's "Across the Border," and Federico Garcia Lorca's "Despedida."

Xanath Caraza
February 18, 2014 09:58 AM PST
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Daniel talks with Xánath Caraza, author of the new work of fiction, "Lo que trae la marea/ What the Tide Brings," a bilingual collection of stories. Xánath talks about the women in her stories and how they connect to nature. She also talks about the process of translating her Spanish-language works into English with the help of 2 translators. And in a running theme throughout the show, Xánath explains how food inspires her work.
Xánath Caraza reads today's Poem of the Week: Arbol de Vida (Tree of Life).
The food theme continues with Daniel's Poetic License about his poor childhood diet and his endeavor to eat healthier.

Liz Scheid
February 11, 2014 02:19 PM PST
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Daniel & Ben talk with Liz Scheid, author of the collection of essays, "The Shape of Blue: Notes on Loss, Language, Motherhood & Fear." Liz is also a poet, and she explains how poetry informs her writing. She also talks about the notes that are found at the end of each essay in her collection “The Shape of Blue.” Those notes, far from being purely academic, are almost essays themselves.
Liz Scheid will read the poem "Magic" for this week's Poem of the Week.
In this week's Poetic License, native El Pasoan Paul Pedroza reads "The Rain Parade."
And...Ben & Daniel talk about elegies and epitaphs.

Veronica Reyes
February 03, 2014 07:03 PM PST
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Ben & Daniel talk with Veronica Reyes, author of the poetry collection "Chopper! Chopper! Poetry from Bordered Lives." Veronica is an East L.A. poet who studied at UTEP, and she talks about how her work reflects her activism and reaches out to Mexican-American and queer communities. Veronica talks about the difficulties in finding a publisher, even a Latino press, because she is a Chicana lesbian and her works don't shy away from the subject.
Veronica Reyes reads the Poem of the Week: "Desert Rain" from "Chopper! Chopper! Poetry from Bordered Lives."
In this week's Poetic License, former UTEP student, Arizona resident, and marketing specialist William Alfred Rose shares his memories of childhood piano lessons in the reflection "Electricity."

Ire'ne Lara Silva
January 31, 2014 08:20 AM PST
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Daniel & Ben talk with Ire'ne Lara Silva, author of "Flesh to Bone." Ire'ne talks about making the leap from being a poet to a fiction writer, and shares a memory of a nightmare from her childhood that inspired her to write. Ire'ene also explains why her works tend to lean "dark." She also gives us a preview of her upcoming poetry project about diabetes & healing.
This week's Poem of the Week is by Benjamin Alire Saenz, read by the author: "Poem for Sunday."
And in this week's Poetic License, writer Conrad Romo reads "Four Jackasses," which explores what Conrad's ideal funeral would be like.

Joseph D. Haske
January 16, 2014 09:03 AM PST
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Ben & Daniel talk with Joseph D. Haske, whose recently-released debut novel is "North Texas Highway." The book grew out of a couple of stories, and the timeline flashes back & forth between the 1990s and 1980s. Joe explains why the fragmented nature of the book relates to the fragmented nature of the actual North Dixie Highway. Joe also talks about balancing his life as a writer and as the Chair of the English Department at South Texas College in the border town of McAllen, Texas.
For today's Poem of the Week, Ben reads "Friend" by Jean Valentine, written in memory of her friend Adrienne Rich.
In this week's Poetic License, Daniel shares a story from his childhood which demonstrates his mother's unusual (and dark) sense of humor.

Two Poets: Nicky Schildkraut and Sheryl Luna
January 10, 2014 11:56 AM PST
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Daniel and guest co-host Nancy Lechuga talk with poet Nicky Schildkraut. Her latest book, "Magnetic Refrain," is described by Daniel as "fierce." She talks about how her experience as a Korean adoptee influenced her writing, and about her collaboration with avant-garde artists & composers. Nicky reads the poem "Family History" from her collection, "Magnetic Refrain."
Daniel and Ben talk with poet Sheryl Luna, El Paso native and author of "Seven." She talks about why "Seven" took 7 years to write, and why she decided to split it into 7 parts to reflect the 7 Deadly Sins. Sheryl also talks about painting and how it relates to her writing. Sheryl reads the poem "Seven" from the book of the same name.
For this week's Poetic License, Ben wraps up his reflections on Memory, Language, and Memory. Ben believes memory is necessary for words and language to exist, and that human violence can lead to the extinction of certain words.

Shin Yu Pai
January 08, 2014 01:44 PM PST
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Daniel and guest co-host Nancy Lechuga talk with poet Shin Yu Pai, author of the collection "Aux Arcs." She talks about why she chose to pronounce the title of her collection "Ozarks." Shin Yu is also a visual artist, and she talks about how her photographs complement or contrast the poems in her book.
For this week's Poem of the Week, Shin Yu Pai reads "Inner Space" from her collection "Aux Arcs."
Daniel Chacon contributes this week's Poetic License with a remembrance from his high school days. It's entitled "Two Stupid Boys."

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